My Milestones

Transforming Strategies into Solutions: A Portfolio of Proven Results

Area of Focus: Brand Management, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience and Data Analysis

My hands-on approach, rock-solid strategies, and commitment to results have led to an evolving journey of successful campaigns and projects, driving growth and positive ROI. Here are my notable milestones.

Tevo Creations Sdn Bhd

  • Successfully expanded distributor network from 50 to 500 in 9 months through growth marketing strategies at Tevo Creations
  • Attained over 500 B2B pharmacy partnerships for retail sales of BerryC products in 9 months.
  • Expanded Malay Market customer base from 0 to 53,030 through successful Go-To-Market strategy implementation, resulting in RM178.20 LTV within 6 months.

Juman Worldwide Resources Sdn Bhd

  • Redesigned user/agent experience, site functionality and online system that drive a 50% sales increase and decrease marketing costs by 35% (YoY) aligned with business goals and direction, by optimizing paid channels’ CPA and increasing CLV.
  • Increased consumer retention by 28% and reactivated dormant consumers through weekly email and program retention campaigns.
  • Lead overall business strategy and execution of P&L and general operating tasks for 3 company groups by providing inbound marketing and sales strategies, aligning teams to shared goals, and co-creating data-driven and customer-informed plans that result in increased sales by 54%.

Fitlion Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  • Identified a new market niche, helping to drive 27% sales revenue.
  • Drove acquisition strategy that maintained new account volume while reducing the cost per account by 53%.
  • Directed and transformed overall strategy, market intelligence, and research, as well as customer-centric activities that contributed to company growth of 6% annually.


*Detailed portfolio information and resume available upon request only

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